It was a lover and his lass

With a hey and a ho and a hey nonino!

Sorry It’s been awhile since my last post, to be honest I thought I could just learn some C++ syntax and just code code code till my brain explodes or till I master the craft- Whichever comes first!

But unfortunately (or is it?) this programming language is big, wide and super complex and even a mini mastermind like mine would rather take the time and build a solid base before I jump to the cold water with the sharks and the bad-ass algorithms (why do shark like cold water!?!?).

In the meanwhile, I am also looking to solve some hacker-puzzles and brain training exercises so if any of my readers (yeah even you who accidentally got here) have any idea on such a site for the absolute beginner (not Trump level though, not that dumb after all) – please don’t be a stranger and help a guy out!

For now it is practice practice practice! Hope I’ll have some more interesting input next week and I could finally tell you all about the binary-auditing training package!


Till then my friends!

May the objdump be with you!